Monday, August 18, 2014

Lane Orchard Farms-and peach cobbler

Early this week we (my family and I) went to Lane Southern Orchards in south Georgia. For future reference, I think perhaps they should consider moving the sign so that it doesn't directly face the beaming sun. Dad was on the phone (lol) so he missed that we were all stopping and taking pics. 




Am I the only one that is inspired by going on "field trips"? Lane Southern Orchards is advertised as a working farm. Perhaps because of the time of year and day we were there, we didn't see anyone out picking peaches or anything, but we did see beautiful rows and rows of peach trees and pecan trees. When you first walk in the doors, you're in a lobby, and to your left is a gift shop. Straight ahead is a little grocery store, but more novelty. They had old-fashioned style canned items, lots of preserves, bread mixes from old recipes and fresh fruit. In the back, is the area where they box things to send to other locations. The tour wasn't on the day that we were there though *sad face*. Since I was so hungry, I'm ashamed to say I was most interested in the restaurant over to the right. I practically ran in, and I ordered a big bacon burger. It was pretty huge, and hurt my jawbones lol. The potato chips that came with it weren't salty enough for me, but I'm a salt addict, and otherwise they were pretty tasty. 
After eating that (and sharing much of it with mom and dad), I wanted some ice cream and cobbler. They serve peach cobbler, apple cobbler, and bread pudding there as well as about five flavors of iced cream and cookies. I bought some a la mode. was heaven. They knew what they were doing by not having this place anywhere near my home! It was delish! The hot peach cobbler (crumble top) made the butter pecan ice cream just melt and start pooling in the bottom. The ice cream was super creamy and buttery. Take me back! It was clear that they wanted you to enjoy the country feel of the place. There were rocking chairs and benches outside where we enjoyed our sweet treats. 
Where do you like to go for a day away?

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vacation in PA!

I vacationed.

This is worthy of capital letters, but I'll make do with it prominently displayed at the top of the page in bold. I can certainly say that this is the first time that I've vacationed where the main point was to relax and do what I wanted. Who knew that that's what people normally do on vacations? 
I'm a part of a Christian team on Etsy (aka CAST) and I went to visit some friends from that team. Bear in mind that I have not only been on this team since 2009, but a couple years ago I met two of the team members I would be hanging with. 
I'd gone through a break-up six months previous, and as soon as that was "finalized" I started planning my trip to Pennsylvania. It had been so long since I'd done something solely for me. Not "for-me-because-someone-thinks-it's-what's-best" but just for me. My mom is like my bestie, and she lives with me (technically I live with her and dad but whatever), so she wanted in on the fun as soon as she heard. I was even more excited by that prospect! I went to work pretty fast looking at tickets, telling my entire team that I was going, contacting all the members in the area, and looking up places to stay. 

One of my castie friends, Sheila, had invited me numerous times to visit her. Over the years, since we'd both been on the team, we had exchanged many many emails and become close, so I was super excited about that prospect! She quickly offered to be our chauffeur and tour guide as well as opening her home up to us. She went grocery shopping with all the things that my mom and I liked in preparation-which was really sweet.
When the team found out I was going, three other members in the area offered places to stay or activities that they could take us to, while one-all the way in Indiana-decided she would drive ten hours to meet up with us! 
Meet Becky, Sheila, Angel (sleep-over at her house Sunday night), me on the end, and Kelly chillin' in our arms

Pennsylvania is a beautiful place, and for any lover of old barns (like me), it's the place to be. Our adventures included many visits to thrift stores, antique shops, specialty shops, sight and sound theatre with Becky, a smorgasbord (ham balls anyone), and a trip in the rain down a mountain and subsequent sleep-over at Angel's house.
Moses is the show we saw at Sight and Sound Theatre

Sheila, mom, and I in front of the fountain.
 Did you vacation this summer? If you did, I hope you had as much fun as I did! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Metamorphosis-progress shots from start to finish

I bought this skirt and decided to add straps to it. Wait, that's not quite true. I have been itching to make jumpers for awhile, the ones that are like overalls, but with skirts. I think they're the cutest. Then, what do you know, but suddenly they're in style! I bought this skirt thinking that it was cute, but also understated and would make a great foundation for adding things to. 

Then I added grommets and straps (I made this process sound like it took muuuuuch less time than it did.) It still needed something else, so I cut out flowers and added them to the side front of the dress. 

Cutting out the flowers
Stitching them on

And then ta-daaaaa! I should have taken better pictures, but I'm going to have just redo those....


Monday, June 23, 2014

Fashion Sketches and Achoo

I've been trying to work on my fashion sketching every day. I've skipped a few days, but something is better than nothing. For awhile I stopped altogether.
I took these pictures right after sketching them...the proportions are clearly a little off even for a fashion sketch... 
I added clothes. This is a dress that I'm going to take the sleeves off of and shorten that I have already up on etsy.

Achoo (the cat) was looking extra cute today. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Every goodbye

Dear Diary,
When in a pondering, reflective mood, I could say that every goodbye is a hello to something else. It sounds poetic. Deep. Deep enough to require more thought, which will then send me on another train of thought altogether and successfully help me stray from the ones I know will sadden me. I've had a lot of goodbyes in my-somewhat short-lifetime. For instance I've said goodbye to a lot of people who have left this life altogether, many at a young age. I've said goodbye to attitudes that no longer fit, styles of dress, ideas that only seem reasonable to the very young...Much like too-small clothes, some I've tossed away with disgust, and others I've carefully folded and considered keeping because of the fond memories and feelings that they evoke. I've said goodbye to people who have walked away to other things in life (and some I've walked away from), people I thought would always be there, a supposed future husband, girls I played with as a child, future bridesmaids, best friends forever, treasured mentors, teachers and professors I looked up to. 
Sometimes these farewells have happened abruptly like a meteor falling from the sky. Others have been like a freight train; serving a purpose, but heading toward a known destination-sometimes close and other times far away-where freight and carrier separate. Still others have happened like a garment coming apart at the seam, so slowly and imperceptibly that even looking back it's difficult to see where the first thread loosened. 
I'm a collector. A saver. Some would call me a pack-rat, but I think that's an inarticulate way of describing me. Things have worth, almost every thing. I save because every thing reminds me of something, something good or bad. I can't forget, because then I would forget a lesson. I'm like that with people too. Rarely do I easily let go of people, even if I know they're not good for me. And when they're gone, well, when they're gone I keep pictures, or notes, or sometimes something that means nothing to others. I do this because something good happened before every goodbye. I think deep down I believe that I have learned, or will learn something. Did find, or will find peace or joy in every thing/person/situation. Maybe this is just a form of me not letting go to things in the past, which is probably bad, but definitely something to think of another day.
So many goodbyes. Maybe there is good in every goodbye, if only just a little. 
Romans 8:28 But we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose. 

Good enough for me.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Out-of-town shopping and my quirky family

The are times when I wonder if my family is normal...Like when I need something to drive and have to go borrow our truck from the next door neighbor who has been borrowing it for about a month. He wasn't home, so I hoped that he wouldn't get home and think that it had been stolen (only to come ask us and see that we weren't home either). Anyway, when I got back from running my little errands, he had arrived home and was outside talking on the phone. I awkwardly called "Uhh, I'll leave a note next time. I just had to borrow it for a minute. Thank you!" Yeah. I played it cool, right?

But that's not even what today's post was about. It was about me visiting Florida and happening upon a flea market on our way home--somewhere in Alabama.

This was by far one of the coolest things I saw. It's a lil baby stroller. I believe it said 1920s. Anyone know?
Then there was this chair. I loved it, but couldn't afford it. I had all kinds of ideas for how I would revamp it though. 

It should be obvious why this space went right by the door. It just beckoned me in. I love the show flea market flip and would love to be on it.

What are your favorite places to shop when you're out of town? 

Monday, June 16, 2014

It takes a church--to get me thinking.

Right now it is a quarter 'til midnight, and I am watching a show I recorded called "It takes a church". Honestly, I think I'm gonna be addicted, but shhhhhh don't tell anyone; a single girl watching a matchmaking show is so cliche. The girl that's being match made, matched(?) just said, "I was diagnosed with a very unattractive disease, and that really affected my self esteem!" Ironically, my first thought was "Me too!" even though PCOS isn't a disease-it's a disorder-I still completely understand that feeling. My second thought was, "That doesn't make you any less cute! Some guy is gonna be lucky to have you!" because her whole church was only saying positive things about her, and she really is a pretty girl. 
Here's the question: Why is it easy to encourage others, and see the truth of who they are, but not the same for ourselves? 
Or wait, maybe I'm the only one. Am I? 
When I was diagnosed with pcos the doctor made me feel like I was about to die if I didn't follow her exact instructions. That was horrible, but on the other hand I was glad to know that things I was struggling with (especially my acne) were not incurable as they'd seemed so far. The response from the guy I was in a relationship with at the time only affirmed my feelings regarding my appearance by reminding me that he had told me I needed to eat better and exercise more (which he had.) Men often take their cues from us though, and I know my low opinion of my appearance told him that I needed instructions, and my silence told him that I welcomed his opinions. 
When I became single again, I had to really stop and consider what I thought about myself without anyone else's input. I came to the conclusion that I am made unique. I don't (and won't) always feel beautiful, but most importantly I decided that if I'm beautiful on the inside everything else will fall into place with a little effort.

You got all that out of watching "It Takes A Church"? 
Why yes, yes I did.