Friday, March 20, 2015

#10 The meaning of my name

Hi all! I’m getting back on track with the Single Woman’s Blog Challenge! Find out more about it here!
Today's assignment is:
10: Google the meaning of your name, and tell how it does or doesn't match your personality.

My name is Elisabeth Arona. My dad's name is Aron, and somehow as the third child (that wasn't a boy) he decided to add an A to his name and make it my middle name. He claims to this day that he was only joking when he suggested it, and that mom ran with it.

In American, the meaning of the name Elisabeth is: Devoted to God. Hebrew Meaning: The name Elisabeth is originally a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Elisabeth is: From Elisheba, meaning either "oath of God", or "God is satisfaction".
My parents named all of my sisters and me Biblical names, and they even knew the meanings. I love when people give their children names that they then grow up to fulfill. The spelling of Elisabeth (with an‘s’ instead of ‘z’) is also biblical. I can't say that "oath of God" made sense to me for quite some time. I know now that it means promise of God. God proves to be my satisfaction when I'm distressed and when things aren't going my way. Songs about him and scripture regarding his promises are always my solid ground to stand on.
As for the newer meaning of my name, I am indeed devoted to God. He is an integral part of my daily life. I was raised in the church, but as I've grown older, instead of growing less active in church ministries, I've only become more active as my knowledge of and love for Christ has grown.

The name Arona is a Maori baby name. In Maori the meaning of the name Arona is: Colorful.
I thought this was so interesting. When I was growing up NO ONE had my middle name! Even when I was younger, I loved (and continue to love) anything artsy and spend a lot of time daydreaming, drawing, and reading. Now, I would say that my colorful personality shows through a lot-some people call it quirky or crazy, I now know to call it colorful!

So, tell me, how do you feel about your name meanings and how they fit you?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mack Trucks and Angels

It was a Thursday two weeks ago. As usual, I rushed home from my workout, and was ready to go in around 30 minutes (or less.) We all hopped in the car, and headed to piano lessons-which also doubles as a chance for my younger sisters to have class with another home-schooler. The day was really windy, and I could feel the shakiness of the car as soon as I got on the highway. I mentioned it to mom and she chuckled and said she assumed I wasn't driving well. I slowed down.

Our destination was about 35 minutes away, and about five minutes from our exit was when things got rough. I was in the lane next to the fast lane (on a four lane highway,) and a car beside me starting coming over on me really quickly. I wasn't too worried, because the fast lane was free so I went to switch lanes. I still look back on it and can't quite figure what happened. The only thing that I've concluded is that the "bad" driver created some kind of vacuum when he tried to come into my lane, and the wind aided in turning a simple annoyance into a big disaster. My car started weaving, mom was repeatedly saying "Take your foot off the break!" and I wasn't even sure I had my foot on the break because I was trying to handle the weaving! The wheel seemed like it was being controlled by someone else! Next thing I knew, the car spun across the highway, and we were headed to a short metal rail near a drop off into some woods. I knew we were going to die. By this point I was definitely pumping the breaks, and we stopped less than a foot from the railing. As we went to exhale, we realized that we were facing the wrong direction blocking a lane of traffic...AND a Mack truck was headed straight for us! 
Yes, like that one. Only it was not as pretty when I thought it was going to kill us. I literally pictured my death. Mom and I held up our hands like we were stopping traffic and then it stopped. It just stopped. FEET from our car. The driver got out and asked us if we were okay. "That was close!" he said. You're telling me?! And our angel was actually very good looking too--it wasn't just my happiness to be alive, because I was tearing up and apologizing repeatedly at this point. 

Another good Samaritan also pulled his car over and said he was a medic from some university. I so wish I remembered what he said his name was! I'm sure it was quite the picture watching a car skidding across the highway and stopping unscathed with the traffic being what it's always like on 285. Our two angels helped us turn the car around, the Mack truck was blocking the rest of the traffic, and after we were safely in the emergency lane, the big truck drove away. The medic guy asked us again if we were all okay, and then helped us merge back into traffic; this time my mom was driving. 

I am so thankful to be alive. That Thursday began a very nerve-wracking weekend, where I couldn't seem to get my balance. I wanted to cry, then laugh, then cry...And I ached terribly. But we were all alive. Me, my mom, and my two sisters in the backseat (who didn't seem so fazed by it all.) I drew a picture, but remember that I draw living things, not vehicles and roads and things, so it's a little incorrect in the dimensions. 

Now, I don't wonder what it's like knowing you're going to die, because I was sure that day that it was happening. I was mainly focused on my family dying because of me, and my mom said she was thinking about dad being alone. I know my destination after death, just as much as I know that it was a God thing that we weren't in a horrible wreck. Safety is of the Lord. 
So how was that for a throwback Thursday? 

Monday, December 8, 2014

IG and Shop update

Have you ever left a room and then tiptoed back in and sat down quickly and pretended no one noticed you leave in the first place? I do that during prayer at church sometimes lol. I know people hear (and peek at) me walking back in. Anyway, I was going to do that here, but why bother? I've been busy doing life type things including (but not limited to) a vendor party at a friend's house, a fight with a cold, my family together and a Thanksgiving visit to Walmart! 
I've also been creating like crazy. Pictures of a little of that on my IG account, as well as my facebook page, and shop
Life has been good. I will make sure to let you know how good, by getting back to posting. Sorry about that!  

Thursday, November 6, 2014

#9. Favorite weird behavior

On one of those "deep-thinking" nights, what better to do than continue the blogging challenge? So far, no one has joined me, but who knows what could happen?

9)      Your favorite “weird/funny single behavior” – Anything you do that is uniquely YOU and that living alone allows you to do.
Okay, number one, I don't live alone. I still live with my parents. This is fine with me, especially seeing what my "weird behavior" is. Let me start with a good defense: I watch a lot of mystery/crime shows and even get into books that are of that genre. My weird behavior is: I refuse to shower when I'm home alone. TMI? Maybe, but I think being found dead in the shower/bathtub is like a "fate worse than death". It is death, but you get the gist. On the unlikely occasion that my mom leaves with the kids right after I arrive home from a workout, I am just so unhappy (and smelly) til she returns. 

Join me in the comments and share your weird single or married behavior (just keep it clean.) 

Friday, October 31, 2014

#8. Five important things.

I'm back from my busy week with the 30 day blogging challenge. Find out more about it here! I really don't want to make this one long. I did that for the last question lol. 
8)      Five things that are most important to you in a future mate

1. Faith. It's important that my future "better half" shares the most important thing to me, and that's my faith. It's not easy melding two lives into one anyway, but I believe it's much more doable when two people can agree on God.
2. Grounded. I can't explain this except to say, there is a confidence and just something really attractive about a guy that is grounded. This possibly comes from the fact that I'm really kinda flighty and all over the place, the ability to take (most) things as they come is one that I'd like to learn myself actually. 
3. Leadership qualities are important to me, because a leader (versus a boss) doesn't have to yell and scream, people just automatically follow the guide. 
4 Empathy. I think it's important that people be able to see both sides of a story. Empathy doesn't mean that you don't see what someone has done wrong, but it does mean that you see how being a human could cause them to make the mistake...That goes a long way toward someone who is gentle and merciful. 
5. Laughter. I love to laugh, the Bible backs me up with David (or was it Solomon) saying that laughter works like a medicine. I don't by any means want a silly man, but maybe someone who enjoys laughter and happiness. A person like that can't be too bad! 

Disclaimer: I didn't put the outward things that appeal to me for a reason, this is the top five most important things on short notice. Looks are important, but they make the top ten :-)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fall Blog Linky Party!

Fall is here, and we're quickly heading toward winter! Naturally, when I think of Fall, my first thought is allergies, my second is fall fashions, and my third is tasty fall treats hot from the kitchen! I'm going to show you a few of the fall fashion trends that have me rubbing my hands together with anticipation!
Ankle Boots
Two words that should have you completely send you into raptures! Find them everywhere shoes are sold! Since I didn't have any in my closet that weren't falling apart, I remedied that by buying some online! 
Hello, do they ever go out of style? Not in my book! Fall colors are my year round colors. Find ones that look great with your skin. To find "your color" find some natural light and hold the fabric up to your face. You don't want to look pink all over, or like me, have the greenish tint brought out that you didn't even know you had. 
I don't know that these are trending, but I know that they should be...And that even if they aren't, I will be wearing them. There are a plethora to choose from on Etsy too! 

What must-have fashions will you be wearing when you sit with your warm cup of apple cider? 
Don't forget to check out Mechelle's blog, Rita's blog, and Judy's blog for more fall posts! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

#7. Where you thought you'd be.

This blog challenge is becoming more and more of a challenge...Yet I still want you to join me! Check it out here.
7)      Where you are in your life vs. where you thought you would be at this point
When I was in college, I took my College Success class seven months into school. Yeah, I tried to find a way to get out of it, but they wouldn't let me. The teacher in that class was phenomenal basically, but that's a story for another day. To give us a little insight into what our dreams were and how much we'd actually planned versus just dreamed, our professor gave us an assignment: Write a 15-year plan. First he taught us what a goal really is; as it turns out, a goal has a time-frame, and a goal is attached to a detailed plan for how you will accomplish it. Therefore this plan was going to be very intense, with the year beside every thing we were going to do and be in the future.
Let's just say I'm way "off track". 
According to my 15-year plan, I am supposed to be running a successful design business and meeting for lunch with friends from college to discuss how fabulous life is. I imagined I would chuckle as I talked about my kids and blush as I mention my (extra hot) husband. No, I didn't mention blushing or chuckling in my plan-it was very professional-but this extensive brain-wracking and planning didn't keep me from daydreaming!
Reality: I am currently living at home, my business is not self-sustaining (yet), my husband hasn't arrived, thankfully no kids have either though, and I hardly keep in touch with any friends from college! I feel sorta embarrassed sometimes, and catch myself trying to catch glimpses of my peers grass to see whether it has patches like mine does. But I also didn't put in my 15-year plan that I would have a dashing and intelligent young nephew and three beautiful nieces, three brother-in-laws that I like, a sister whose house I sleep in almost as often as my own, or the closeness that has grown between my mom and me in the years since I've finished college. I didn't know to write that I would home school my younger sisters and gain such a confidence from it. I also neglected to write about the relationships that would test me, and that I would come out of a wiser woman. 
Yeah, I'm so off track. 
Thank God. 
There is no point in regret over things in my past that have taught me lessons I couldn't have learned otherwise! I've spent too much time already looking back at how I shouldn't have done something foolish when I was younger, rather than how now I'll be able to instruct my younger sisters from experience. There are too many close bonds now and in my future that I wouldn't have if I didn't learn personally the type of people I don't want to be around. 
I'm nowhere near where I thought I'd be. 
I'm right where I'm supposed to be. 

Join me and tell your story!